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  • Do You Sell Second Hand apparel? Come Join The Thrift Store NG Marketplace

      ‘Bend Down Select’ Has Gone Digital and Thrift Store NG Is Leveraging Technology to Make Thrifting Easier Worldwide, worth over $18 billion and it’s about time someone took it seriously in Nigeria. Thrift Store NG is exploring how they can leverage technology to accelerate the thrift business. Using Instagram, Thrift Store NG started to […] More

  • chinju nwankwo- Relationship, Beauty And Lifestyle Blogger

      Beauty, style, poise and brain. we caught up with the ever gracious, always happy lifestyle and relationship blogger to get a sneak peek into her life. her love for” love”, happiness, new business.                                        Please tell […] More

  • Beware Dear Solo Travelers

    There are a gazillion tour companies now floating through the world wide web. Most travellers want the lowest price possible to escape and go straight to “” before they even narrow down their dreamy bucket list destination! This can lead to disaster or in the least, a waste of time and money on a place […] More

  • Why Do Some People Feel Trapped Around Others?

             While reaching out to others and experiencing intimacy is normal for some people, there are others who experience life in a very different way. When someone can reach out to others and experience intimacy, they could be in a fulfilling relationship. However, even if they are not with someone at this […] More

  • How to Get Rid of Fatigue and Increase Vitality

    You can actually unlock the keys to vitality, wellness and happiness if you are able to naturally control fatigue which is more of an emotional state than a physical one. Exhaustion is a feeling and if you are not very careful with the way you handle it, it may be very difficult to overcome. However, […] More

  • Latifah Osazee: Nigerian Blogger, Influencer And Content Creator.

    Hi, can we meet you? my name is Latifah Osazee I am a Nigerian blogger, Influencer and Content Creator living in  The Netherlands, my Youtube channel coming soon. What inspired you to blog? It actually just happened spontaneously. I first just started an Instagram page just for personal use for friends and family like everyone […] More

  • Wax Prints – An Integral Part of African Society

       Africa is known for many things; its natural resources, human resources, beautiful weather and many others. One of these many Africa is known for is its wax prints. As you may already know we are people who love colour and design and our wax prints are not left out. Wax prints come in many […] More

  • 5 Spiritual Dating Tips

                                                             5 Spiritual Dating Tips Similarly to finding yourself, meeting your soul mate can be a lifelong process for some people. Whether you’re aware of it or not, […] More

  • Surreal By Doom Asom

      Lily Stripping down to nothing I stare at the architecture of your hands In odd zig zags and red pelts, you traced the contours of your mind upon my flesh A black eye I may have on the morrow For it is where you focused your wrath upon Lying in bed I inhale your […] More

  • Brooklyn Fashion Mavens Lauren & Merlyn

      Meet two friends sharing their unique styles and fashion mavens around Brooklyn Tell us about yourselves? We’ve been friends since high school and also attended Penn State as roommates all 4 years.    •Merlyn- I’m 25, Jamaica-born, Brooklyn raised. I have a fashion/Beauty background and currently work as the Community Manager for Revlon. I […] More

  • Miarte: By Sonia Kyriazopoulos

    I love anything creative, Art to me takes many forms, you’re never too old to express your artistic flair. Tell me about yourself and art? I’ve always had a passion for all forms of art, such as, cooking, interior decorating, gardening, jewellery making, and just anything that requires artistic expression. Why art? Apart from it being extremely […] More

  • Kommando : DJ Extraordinaire

      DJs play music records at events or parties and also broadcast music on the radio. A DJ will play multiple music genres, from jazz and classic rock to rap and hip-hop. Typical responsibilities of a DJ include creating playlists, mixing music tracks, interacting with the public, taking song requests, doing interviews, and taking part […] More

  • 3 tips to differentiate between formal shoes and casual shoes

    Shoes for women are extremely simple to distinguish from formal to casual whereas, for men on the other hand since the choices are limited, men tend to wear casuals on formal occasions and vice versa. If you have also been there and faced such circumstances, it is now time to be enlightened about the top […] More


      BECAWAX is a fashion brand with the major focus on African creativity. We make use of African fabrics( Ankara, aso-oke, Kente, Adire) to make all kind of wears which includes bags, footwear, clothes, accessories. Our products are handmade with locally sourced original raw materials. These products include bags ranging from different sizes and types. […] More

  • Toyin Balogun : Surviving Burns And Living Life To The Fullest.

    Toyin Balogun has aimed to inspire others with her experience,” at the end of the tunnel there can still be light, being alive means I still have a purpose, I never thought I would survive my burn and come out stronger. no matter what that situation is, no matter what you are going through, hold […] More

  • Adam Moore: Menswear And Men’s Fashion Blogging

    Adam Moore is a professional menswear blogger based in Australia, his style is exemplary and customized to the everyday corporate life. ”looking good for men should be the top priority on every man’s list. ”I love to look good and leave a mark on peoples mind about my outfit”. Please tell us a little about […] More

  • Lovely Petite Dresses For Petite Women

    If you’re a petite woman, you know the struggles of trying to find a dress that will fit you perfectly. Decent petite dresses aren’t the easiest things to find and there’s a lot of work that goes into finding a truly flattering one. First of all, we have to find petite-friendly retailers. I’m not talking […] More

  • Jennifer + Daniel : Our Lives, Love and Blogging

        Please tell us a little about yourselves? We’ve been living in and around Chicago for the past decade or so. We’re recently married (going on 8 months!) and we started Everyday Urban shortly after that. We really wanted to start a creative endeavour together that would be a space to express ourselves in […] More

  • Top 5 Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

      Benefits of physical exercise are numerous, from boosting your immune system to increase bone and joint density. One of the most beneficial types of exercise is aerobic exercise or cardio, and literally, anyone who engages in it can prosper, from lazy teens, busy moms, overworked professionals to senior singles! Let’s take a closer look […] More

  • Katy Naturalista: Lust Redeemed Love and Pain Life Reclaimed

    Q: Who is Katy naturalista? A: That is me. lol! She’s humble but has essence and Nubian grace. She is truly poetic with her words, comical, but determined. Q: Where do you get your ideas? A: My ideas come to me at random. I don’t sit there and say… hmmm, let me sit here and […] More

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