3 tips to differentiate between formal shoes and casual shoes

Shoes for women are extremely simple to distinguish from formal to casual whereas, for men on the other hand since the choices are limited, men tend to wear casuals on formal occasions and vice versa.
If you have also been there and faced such circumstances, it is now time to be enlightened about the top differences between formal shoes and casual shoes for formal events!

Difference 1: The Brogueing and Decoration
It is
self-explanatory that formals should be more decorated than ordinary casuals, and it is exactly like that. If you want to judge if a pair of shoe falls under the formal or the casual category, check out the Brogueing on it. While some fashion trends highlighted how Brogueing was paired with the casual look, nonetheless in today’s fashion trend, the Brogueing and decorativeness are all about formals!

Hence if you find a classic black shoe pair with a Brogueing fashion on the tip and the sides, consider it a formal shoe!

Difference 2: Shape of the Toe and Laces
The shape of the shoe matters as much as other factors do.
The shape is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to judging it. If shoes have a pointed, elongated structure, they are explicitly formal shoes. While most men prefer square shoes or round-toed shoes, it doesn’t mean all the formal shoes need to be pointy and edgy.

Every man has a different foot structure and there are many shoes to cater to their needs. However, if it comes to differentiating between formals and casuals, formals mostly have pointed toes.

As for laces, it is an unmistakable fact that laced up leather shoes will pair better with a suit compared to causal ripped jeans! However, laced up sneakers are completely casual, hence don’t be confused with laces.

Difference 3: Texture and Colors
Yes! The texture as well as the
colour matters. Our fashion trends have taken a toll on us and are introducing complete out-of-the-box ideas. While the uniqueness should be praised, the fact is that vibrant shoe colours really don’t suit men when paired with dull coloured dress suits! Hence, follow the norm and stick to classic blacks and browns for formal occasions.

On the other hand, men can always flaunt some style by choosing coloured shoes in the causal section. The recent trend has allowed men to walk in reds, greens, blues and even neons.

As for texture, leather is the father of men’s shoes! Leather is and will always be regarded as formal, while suede and velvet will only be categorized as semi-formal. Leather, whether shiny or matte, will compliment all sorts of dress suits. There are however a lot of qualities and styles of leather. If you want to go for something unique, go for alligator or ostrich skin!


Telling the difference between both the categories can be confusing sometimes, however, with our 3 basic tips, you can surely distinguish black from white easily!

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