5 Spiritual Dating Tips



                                                     5 Spiritual Dating Tips

Similarly to finding yourself, meeting your soul mate can be a lifelong process for some people. Whether you’re aware of it or not, coming across someone who can fulfil you emotionally, physically and spiritually isn’t an easy task. While most of us prefer looking for a perfect partner amongst our acquaintances, others resort to online dating or even to party line for such matters – in any case, it’s not something that should be taken lightly. But fear not, as we’ve got the best five spiritual dating tips that will certainly aid you in finding your other half.

Follow the Energy

As you already know, every living thing is made out of energy, and that includes humans, too. That being said, it’s only logical that you should “listen” to it, or rather feel it in order to tell who is right for you and who isn’t.

More often than not we get matched with the wrong person, either through friends or a dating website. Some call it fate, some refer to it as ‘universal karma’, but no matter what name you have for it, it happens a lot. When we say that someone is wrong for you, we don’t mean that they’re a bad person – they just aren’t compatible with you. And if you want to be with someone you can connect on a spiritual level, don’t waste your time dating people you aren’t attracted to. Instead, follow your intuition and only give a chance to those you feel close to from the moment you meet them for the first time.


Respect the Timing

Let’s face it – nobody is perfect. In other words, we’re all at a certain part of our healing process, be it from childhood issues or relationship-induced emotional trauma, and when two people meet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are at the same stage of that process.

Timing means the world when it comes to two individuals meeting, but also in terms of sharing yourself. First off, you might have already met your soul mate without knowing it – but it was the wrong moment and neither of you recognized it. Secondly, it’s not always the best time to spill your stories and tell someone you’ve just met with everything that has been bothering you throughout your life. If someone starts doing this on the first date, just get out of there.


Think with your Heart, not your Ego

Remember when we mentioned how universal karma can trick us into meeting the wrong people? Well, sometimes we do that because we chase after what our mind wants instead of following our heart’s needs.

This is a problem for many people living in this modern, chaotic age. Our lives are steered by material needs, and unbeknownst to us, our brains are dictating which way our lives will go by focusing on the things we want rather than on the things we need. For true love to surface, one must let the heart explore and play around, which ultimately leads to finding another soul that’s doing the exact same thing.


Age isn’t even a Number

“True love knows no bounds” – an old saying that has proven itself true over and over again. In that name, we’re going to be as straightforward about this as possible: just ignore the age difference.

The main reason why people avoid dating someone who is much older or younger than them isn’t self-shaming, but being shunned and looked down on by the society. This modern stigma about being with someone who is close to your own age actually serves as nothing more than a steel wall for those looking for a spiritual connection. When you think your soul can create a link to another, just go for it. If not, leave it be and move on. But in both cases, do not let the age difference encumber you.


Stay on the Path

This is by far the most important sentence that you must always remember if your desire is to find a real soul mate: “Be yourself.”

You live where and how you live for a reason and nothing should make you stray from that. Your perfect partner isn’t the one that will make the change yourself or travel over continents and seas just to be with them – it’s actually the one who loves you just the way you are, so let that be the pillar upon which you can build a deeply spiritual relationship.


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