BECAWAX is a fashion brand with the major focus on African creativity. We make use of African fabrics( Ankara, aso-oke, Kente, Adire) to make all kind of wears which includes bags, footwear, clothes, accessories.

Our products are handmade with locally sourced original raw materials. These products include bags ranging from different sizes and types. We have the Tote bags which comes in 2 sizes, The large tote (44 by 50cm) and the Medium tote bag (35 by 44cm). We also have the bucket bags which come in 3 sizes, The classic, The Midi and the Mini.

We have the cross body and the backpacks, we also have laptop sleeves and male bags. Our products also include female wears (we are looking forward to expanding our horizons to the male wears. Funds is our main constraint)

We also have notepads (100-150 leaves), and footwear ranging from sneakers, slip on shoes and sandals. Our target market is women, men, students, working class citizens, in a nutshell, everyone who appreciates African culture.

Compared with our competitors, the quality of our products and unique finish are superb, the prices of our products are also jaw-dropping.

We make our products so unique that whenever you wear them people stop and stare. They are also durable. I have customers who still use the products gotten from us since last year till date and it’s still in perfect condition.


for investment and support please contact becawax on +2348064061786 (calls and WhatsApp).

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