Surreal By Doom Asom


Stripping down to nothing
I stare at the architecture of your hands

In odd zig zags and red pelts, you traced the contours of your mind upon my flesh

A black eye I may have on the morrow
For it is where you focused your wrath upon

Lying in bed I inhale your scent
A mixture of cologne and trepidation

And during the day beloved
I wear that dress you love so much
And roll my hair into a bun so you can admire the curve of my neck

As I sit and watch you feast from your meal
I die a bit by bit on the inside

For times lost
And moments ruined
For my broken soul and body
I weep
For the life seeping out of you with every bite, I weep

Here, here, my love bleed into my arms if you
But the police I’ll call not
I’d rather sit and drink in the sight of your dying eyes
Savor every moment

Hush my sweet
For I’m here with you
The object of your ridicule
Your wife slave
Your object of wrath

Shh!do not make a sound lest you wake up the cat
There, there, close your eyes my beloved
For you shall suffer no more

Doom Asom

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