Yan Fei Wang : Travelling Around The world Solo, Writing And Painting Every Experience


Please tell me about yourself?

I am simply an imaginary girl who travels around the world solo while trying to write and paint. 

Beauty secrets?

Breathe and live my life, not just existing. You know there is a difference.

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

I love solo shows. I am so happy with my choice of travelling solo and my everyday growth. Along with my trip with myself, I met so many lives – I learned to be confident and calm with them, not to torment with my doubt nor frighten with my faith and joy which they couldn’t comprehend. I sought out the simple and true feelings among us and love life beyond just my form. I could feel more towards those who were growing old and afraid of loneliness. I was one of them. I no longer expected understanding but had a faith in love where there are blessing and strength so strong that I could travel as far as I want without having to step out of it. That’s why I chose to travel solo.

What can’t you travel without?

My heart.

Tea or coffee?

Tea. But either one I think is magical. Believe or not, the tastes in your mouth could change your imagination and your mind. Imagine this: your eyes are reading and your mind is interpreting. Your mind used to be trained so well that it has been very good at capturing things of the highest importance, whose subjects are large, tragic, that has reach and ambition that lift them into a par with matters of ethics or philosophy or something that is learned or taught in the past. But while you are reading that, the taste of, both bitterness and sweetness along with its profound impact on your tongue, saliva, and all the stirred sensations, put your mind in shock but you couldn’t comprehend what it is. No ethics or philosophy or art your mind has learned to describe it. It is something pre-formed, conventional, depersonalized, and factual. They are exterior elements and things the mind already knew that you didn’t need to learn to understand. It’s all part of your mind. As you can see, I love to write and write about life.

How are you documenting your trips?

By photographing, writing and painting. Are there better ways?

What inspires you?

When I am in a new place, I randomly pick a scene in front of my face by simply locking my eyes somewhere. Then I start to go crazy with my imagination with the picture I just locked down in my sight. So it’s a tree with pink flowers on it. What would the picture look if there are more things like fireworks… what if the leaves are starting to intertwine with each other… what if the colours are not green and pink but purple and grey… Once it gets easy for me, I try sitting on a bus or any moving vehicle and allow the picture I will lock to go alive. What if there are only nudes walking on the streets?… what if there are no more forms but only patches of colours… what if people’s faces and bodies are twisted and misplaced in some way… what if the palms trees exchange shadow and light… So what inspires me? I don’t know. Was it me, my imagination, or the place I go? Maybe all of them. 

What are you most afraid of?

It was not a kind of a pain but feeling it is worse than losing a lover or being separated from families. It is not as profound as pain. And it’s not a persistent sense of heartbreak and nerve wrench that physical sensations will do anything to stop it. I grew very scared of being tired – of sunsets, of painting, of people, of travelling, of lots of things that I enjoyed most. It’s not as easy as “just do it” sounds. It could take a whole life of passion and love to truly enjoy them. Moreover, it’s not that I got too little time to enjoy them but I got so much time that I could forget to appreciate them as if I fell in love for the first time. This is what I am most afraid of.

Plans for the future?

Continue travelling and living and hopefully inspiring.

Instagram @yanfeiwang

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